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The newsi8.com web site is a collection of news and information resources for monitoring world views and events.


The News i8 site provides an aggregation service, collecting the most interesting views on topics, including such diverse areas as UFOs, Aliens, Politics, Humor and Fringe Technology.


The site is designed for an above average to highly advanced audience.

About Staff

The staff of Newsi8 is a peaceful optimistic humanity and planet loving techie, science blogger, music producer, guitar player, singer/songwriter and science fiction fan.


Sources we check range widely from highly respected government and educational sites to the most disreputable fake news and spam sites. The fearless cross-section approach is necessary for a fair sample of different strange news and views.


Unfortunately, in the current social climate, sharing a full spectrum of views gets individuals and groups, including news organizations, de-listed by web search engines and social media. Human leaders–generally technology moguls and political leaders–, have responsibility to do a better job of either sorting this out, or of letting people have freedom of expression.

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At this time Newsi8.com accepts and hosts no advertising. This is to honor the original spirit of the Internet, pure information sharing, and to allow the fair representation of different views.

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Newsi8 Editorial Staff
Email: “xeno@xenomail(dot)us”



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