The newsi8.com exists to help people think about and develop long and short term species-wide goals.

This requires working to get a clear picture of our current situation, a functional understanding in diverse areas of human experience, from planetary energy needs and resources to various cultural phenomena.

Cultural Shells

We live our daily lives within a context of various shells of biology, personal experience, as well as family, local and national culture. Think of culture as “the way we do thing around here.” In the broad perspective, aspects of culture are adaptive when they give individuals and groups tools to further species survival. Conversely, there are aspects of every culture which are maladaptive from the species survival context. Some of these, historically, have lead to extinction of entire local human populations.

Civilization’s “Drinking Age”

It is only when the critical mass of human cultures and the individuals within them become aware of the need for species survival level critera, when dialogs, negotations and meaningful actions start, that we will have approached the “drinking age,” the age of responsibility of our civilization. Proof might be found in our ability to make decisions that balance long term survival with short term benefits and profits.

Obstacles to Acceptace of Species Goals

Top level species goals are not easy to sell. They require moving various groups with long histories of stubbornness and division through the denial phase on verified existential threats. Within a time that can be fairly well predicted, however, like it or not, believe it or not, we will face currently unsolvable existential threats. Our own star, the Sun, is preparing to completely cook our lovely planet.

The clock is ticking.

What Can You Do?

Start thinking about species level goals that matter. Our sun is a yellow dwarf (G-type main-sequence star) and as such, it has a known lifespan. In only about a billion years the Sun will be 10% brighter than today, increasing the steady greenhouse effect that will eventually make the surface of Earth uninhabitable. Can we all live underground? What about food and water? Can we learn to control the output of the sun? Can we shield the earth? Can we move the earth? Can we make a space ark to carry earth life to Mars? Can we re-build ourselves and other life on other planets with biological 3D printers?


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The staff of Newsi8 is a peaceful optimistic humanity and planet loving techie, science blogger, music producer, guitar player, singer/songwriter and science fiction fan.


Sources we check range widely from highly respected government and educational sites to the most disreputable fake news and spam sites. The fearless cross-section approach is necessary for a fair sample of different strange news and views.


Unfortunately, in the current social climate, sharing a full spectrum of views gets individuals and groups, including news organizations, de-listed by web search engines and social media. Human leaders–generally technology moguls and political leaders–, have responsibility to do a better job of either sorting this out, or of letting people have freedom of expression.

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