How to Cut Your Own Hair

Here are a few different ways to cut your own hair if you find yourself without a partner, or if you are isolating from your partner during the virus pandemic of 2020. It is possible to cut your own hair. One benefit of social isolation is that if you really botch the job, few will see it. This is really the ideal time to learn the emergency self-haircut.

Step one: find or buy a hat (online), because cutting your own hair can go wrong. Nevertheless, it will probably be better than the mess it is right now if you haven’t had a cut for a few months. The videos here are for men, but some of the techniques are the same. There is a link to women’s haircuts at the end of this article. Alright you scraggly hippies, let’s get to it.
How to Cut Your Own Hair. Image used for How To article on True Strange News, April 2020


Clippers – Military Cut.

If you have electric clippers and a long comb attachment, find an area where you can clean up the hair, set up some mirrors so you can see the back of your head, then trim away. Go over your entire head, trim up the edges and you’re done. This is the cheapest fastest way to cut your own hair. It results in a military style cut with all your hair being the same (usually short) length.

The Flowbee

This is a pretty realistic demo of a guy using a flowbee, a device that is really an attachment for your vacuum  cleaner. At first it seems like it’s not going to work, but it turns out well, and looks better than just a buzz cut with the clippers.


Sort of the next step up, depending on your personal style, is to do some blending with the clippers. If you have clippers with different hight attachments, here are two YouTube guides for men you can use.

Next, if you want to see/hear what a professional hair cutting teacher says about the men’s self-haircut, this one goes over use of scissors. You can’t use regular scissors, so get a pair of real hair cutting scissors.

Women’s cuts are probably more difficult. As I can only judge the effectiveness of a men’s cut, I’ll let someone else handle a roundup of women’s self hair-cuts. The bun is popular right now, I hear. That may be the quick no-haircut way to handle things. You only need chopsticks or hair clips depending on how wavy it is and so on.

Here’s a link to several YouTube videos for Women’s Self Haircuts.

Good luck and stay healthy.

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