Lost Scriptures Series: The Fish Pies Lady of Galilee

Fish Pies Lady of of Galilee

All records of the wife of Jesus are considered to be highly suspect, but here we offer a potentially interesting story for scholars of the Damascus Document.

The following ancient Hebrew story about the fish pie woman was reported to me–by an often non-reliable source–to have been found on a scroll in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scroll, our source claims, is called the “Damascus Document” and it describes a group of women who were skilled in the making of a variety of fish pies. These women made and sold fish pies in Galilee.

The Story of the Fish Lady of Galilee (Wife of Jesus?)

In the land of Judea, during the time of Jesus Christ, there lived a woman who made the most delicious fish pies in all of Galilee. Her name was Mary, and she was the wife of Jesus, the son of God.

Mary’s fish pies were so popular that people came from [MISSING] just to taste them. The secret to her pies was in the way she prepared the fish. She would clean them thoroughly, then marinate them in a special blend of herbs and spices. The fish would then be lightly fried and combined with [UNREADABLE] made from tomatoes, onions, and garlic.

Mary’s pies were so tasty that they became famous throughout the land. People would tell stories of how they had traveled for miles just to [READABLE]. Some even claimed that they had been healed of sickness just by eating her pies.

Wife of Jesus mention? אשת הדג של ישו

One day, as Jesus was preaching to a large crowd of people, Mary arrived with a basket of freshly baked fish pies. She offered them to the people, and they were amazed at how delicious they tasted. They asked Mary to share her recipe, but she simply smiled and said that it was a family secret.

But Mary’s pies did more than just satisfy people’s appetites. They also showed people the love and compassion of Jesus. Mary would often give her pies to the poor and the needy, and the act of kindness spoke volumes about the character of Jesus.

Through her fish pies, Mary became known as the “Fish Pie Lady” of Galilee. Her pies brought joy and comfort to the people, and they became a symbol of Jesus’ love for all.

This discovery provides valuable insight into the daily life and culture of women in ancient Israel. It also highlights the importance of fishing in the region and the economic significance of small businesses run by women. The Dead Sea Scrolls are an invaluable resource for scholars studying the history and culture of the ancient Near East.

This partial ancient Hebrew translation in modern Hebrew was provided by the source. Not being able to read or speak Hebrew, I have no idea if this is a true translation. Here it is:

“אישה מפיה הדגים המפורסמת בגליל – גברת הפיתהא”

Claimed English Translation:

“The woman of the fish pies known in Galilee – Lady of the Pita.” (Note: The translation of “פיתהא” to English varies, it can also be spelled as “Pita” or “Pitha” and may refer to a specific village or location.)

UPDATE: I did find a translator online. It says the phrase translates to “Woman from the famous fish fairy in the Galilee – Mrs. Pitha” So, there’s that.

I must state clearly that to my knowledge there is no historical or biblical evidence to suggest that Jesus was married. The traditional view among Christians is that Jesus remained unmarried throughout his life, and the gospels make no mention of a wife or children. Evidence outside of the bible for Jesus having possibly have had a wife is limited and mostly speculative.

The most commonly cited piece of evidence is a fragment of papyrus known as the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife,” which includes the controversial line “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…she will be able to be my disciple.'” However, the authenticity of this fragment has been hotly debated, with many scholars arguing that it is a modern forgery.

Apart from this fragment, there are a few references in historical texts that some have interpreted as indicating that Jesus had a wife. For example, the second-century writer Clement of Alexandria speaks of “the true love of Jesus to a certain woman.” However, this could also be interpreted as a general statement about Jesus’ love and compassion for all people, regardless of gender or marital status.

Based on the available evidence, it is impossible to say definitively whether or not Jesus had a wife. However, most scholars agree that it is highly unlikely, given the cultural and religious context of the time. In the Jewish tradition, marriage was considered a sacred obligation, and it is unlikely that Jesus would have been able to fulfill his mission as a religious leader if he was married and had a family to care for. Additionally, celibacy was highly valued in many spiritual traditions of the time, and it is possible that Jesus saw his role as a spiritual leader as incompatible with a conventional family life.

What do you think? Is the story of the Fish Pie Woman anything more than second-hand fiction?

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Barthos Genriale April 9, 2023 at 8:50 pm

In ancient times, I think a fishwife referred to a woman who sold fish or seafood in markets or along the streets. Fishwives were common in port cities and towns where fishing industries flourished. Yeah, so perhaps this is the true nature of the misunderstanding. She was a fish wife, and she did give away fish pies, but she was not the wife of Jesus?

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