List of Over 999 Things Misidentified as UFOs

Here is a very long list of things that have been reported as UFOs.

3D projection mapping displays
Accelerator artifacts in particle physics experiments
Active active denial systems (long-range crowd control)
Active atmospheric stability modulation systems
Active camouflage military vehicles
Active camouflage technology demonstrations
Active camouflage underwater vehicles
Active collision avoidance system lights
Active disturbance cancellation systems
Active drone noise cancellation systems
Active hydrodynamic flow control systems
Active infrared countermeasures
Active nautical charting systems
Active noise cancellation systems
Active protection systems for military vehicles
Active sensor jamming systems
Active sonar stealth detection systems
Active sonar systems
Active underwater acoustic camouflage systems
Active underwater camouflage systems
Active underwater electrostatic field camouflage systems
Active underwater magnetic field cancellation systems
Active underwater sound absorption
Active underwater stealth detection systems
Active vapor wake detection
Active vibration control systems
Active wind shear detection systems
Adiabatic invariants in electromagnetic fields
Advertising banners
Aerial erosion seeding experiments
Aerodynamic contrails
Aerodynamic tube wind tunnel testing
Aerostat surveillance systems
Air bubbles in water surfaces causing reflections
Air cannons used in concerts
Air circulation patterns
Air conditioner lights
Air pollution
Air show aerobatics
Air traffic control errors or misidentifications
Airboat lights
Airborne debris
Airborne drones with lights
Airborne pollen
Airborne refueling techniques
Airburst meteor phenomena
Aircraft communication beacon signals
Aircraft contrails
Aircraft formation aerobatics
Aircraft vortex distortions
Aircraft vortex wake turbulence
Airplane advertising signs
Airplanes (civilian or military)
Airport runway lights
Airship advertisements
Airship or blimps
Alien-themed balloons or decorations
Alternative universes bleeding into our reality, creating visual anomalies
Amateur radio signals
Amateur rockets
Amphibious remote controlled robots
Amusement park rides
Ancient alien artifacts reactivating and emitting unidentified lights
Ancient curses awakening extraterrestrial beings with UFO-like appearances
Ancient gods returning to Earth in chariots of fire
Animal behavior anomalies
Animal migrations or flocks
Animated light displays
Anomalous reflection or deflection of radio waves
Antenna interference
Anthropogenic electromagnetic signals
Art installations
Artificial aurora experiments
Artificial gravity experiments
Artificial intelligence probes sent by a highly advanced alien civilization
Artificial light sources
Artificial satellites
Astral projection or out-of-body experiences (subject to skepticism)
Astral projection phenomena causing unexplainable aerial anomalies
Astronomical artifacts
Astronomical events
Astronomical instrument artifacts
Astronomical mirages
Astronomical observatories or telescopes
Astronomical phenomena
Astronomical phenomena (auroras, comets)
Atmospheric anomalies (light refractions, mirages)
Atmospheric anomalies caused by seismic activity
Atmospheric audio phenomena
Atmospheric debris
Atmospheric disturbances (gravity waves, atmospheric waves)
Atmospheric disturbances caused by earthquakes
Atmospheric disturbances caused by volcanic eruptions
Atmospheric electricity
Atmospheric fluctuations
Atmospheric ghosts
Atmospheric inversions
Atmospheric mirages
Atmospheric mirroring effects
Atmospheric moisture or fog
Atmospheric phenomena
Atmospheric pollution
Atmospheric pollution or smog
Atmospheric pressure disturbances
Atmospheric pressure fronts or zones
Atmospheric pressure-induced plasma emission
Atmospheric refractions
Atmospheric temperature inversions
Atmospheric temperature inversions or temperature inversions in water bodies
Atmospheric turbulence or eddies
Atomic absorption light sources
Atomic emission light sources
Attosecond laser pulses
Augmented reality simulations projected into the sky
Aurora australis
Aurora borealis
Aurora borealis misinterpretations
Aurora sightings
Autonomous underwater hydrothermal exploration vehicles
Autonomous underwater marine life surveys
Autonomous underwater mine sweeping vehicles
Autonomous underwater oil spill detection vehicles
Autonomous underwater pipeline inspection vehicles
Autonomous underwater research gliders
Autonomous underwater scientific research vehicles
Autonomous underwater vehicles
Autonomous underwater wreck exploration vehicles
Avalanche flares
Ball lightning
Ballistic missile tests
Ballistic missile tests or launches
Balloon light displays
Balloon parachutes for experiments
Balloon releases
Balloon releases or launches
Balloon-based space photography
Balloon-launched high altitude photography
Balloon-powered cameras
Balloon-powered social campaigns
Balloons filled with bioluminescent algae
Balloons with LED lights
Bat colonies or migratory routes
Beamforming antenna arrays
Beings with extraordinary psychic and telekinetic powers
Bi-static radars
Bicycle light patterns
Billboard displays
Bioelectrochemical sensor readings
Biological bat monitoring systems
Biological substances or organisms in the air (pollen, spores)
Bioluminescent organisms
Bird flocks
Birds or other flying animals
Birds-of-prey kite deterrent systems
Bistatic radar cross-section measurement
Bizarre light reflections due to retroreflective materials
Black hole accretion disks
Blimps or airships
Blinding effects from camera flashes
Blown transformer sparks
Blown-up garbage bags
Boat navigation lights
Bright chromium objects reflecting sunlight
Bright city lights reflecting off clouds
Bright stars
Building floodlights
Buoy lights in bodies of water
Buoy-launched underwater drones
Camera artifacts
Camera lens distortion
Camera malfunctions
Camera strap movements
Captive aircraft population control
Captive insect swarm monitoring systems
Captive pigeon racing formations
Captive surface-level marine debris removal
Captive surface-level oil spill recovery systems
Captive underwater archeological site preservation systems
Captive underwater coral reef restoration systems
Captive underwater telecommunications cable protection systems
Car alarms with flashing lights
Car brake lights
Car headlights
Car headlights on foggy nights
Car lights
Car taillights
Cargo parachutes
Cargo planes with strange lights
Cargo ship navigation lights
Celestial alignments with artificial structures
Celestial bodies (stars, planets, meteors)
Celestial events
Celestial messengers visiting Earth to deliver spiritual messages
Celestial reflections in water
Celestial reflections on a body of water
Cell tower lights
Cellphone screen lights
CERN experiments triggering gateways to parallel dimensions
Charge-coupled device detector anomalies
Chemical releases or contrails from aircraft
Chill winds from thunderstorms
Chinese lanterns
Christmas light displays
City lights
City skyline reflections
Civilian aircraft
Cloaking devices malfunctioning and revealing unidentified aircraft
Cloud formations
Cloud seeding or weather modification operations
Cloud seeding with silver iodide aerosols
Club spotlight shows
Coherence tomography artifacts
Collapsing wave functions causing localized disturbances in spacetime
Collective consciousness experiments causing mass hallucinations of UFOs
Colliding insect swarms
Combustion gases from engines
Comet tails
Commercial aircraft
Communication interference from electromagnetic sources
Concert laser shows
Condensation trails (contrails)
Controlled atmospheric beam steering experiments
Controlled atmospheric deflection experiments
Controlled atmospheric diffraction experiments
Controlled atmospheric electromagnetic pulse experiments
Controlled atmospheric lensing effects
Controlled atmospheric microwave transmission experiments
Controlled atmospheric plasma discharges
Controlled atmospheric refraction techniques
Controlled atmospheric scattering techniques
Controlled atmospheric scintillation techniques
Controlled atmospheric temperature inversions
Controlled atmospheric turbulence experiments
Controlled atmospheric waveguiding experiments
Controlled fogging systems for mosquito control
Controlled harmonic guide lighting systems
Controlled streetlight dimming experiments
Controlled underwater sound propagation tests
Coronal mass ejections’ radio waves
Cosmic consciousness awakening in humans, allowing perception of UFOs
Cosmic rays interacting with the atmosphere
Cosmic string theoretical predictions becoming observable anomalies
Cosmological redshifts and blueshifts discrepancies
Cosmonaut or astronaut activity
Covert atmospheric refractive manipulation experiments
Cryptographic laser communication experiments
Crystal chandelier reflections
Cultivation lights
Cultural or religious lanterns
Cyclotron resonant scattering feature misinterpretations
Damaged or faulty instrument panels on aircraft or spacecraft
Dark clouds reflecting city light pollution
Dark flight phenomenon in nanoparticles
Debris from space launches
Decoys or flares deployed during military exercises
Deployed acoustic surface wave transducers
Deployed active seafloor mapping sonars
Deployed bioluminescent plankton observation sensors
Deployed bioremediation agents in clouds
Deployed bottle-nosed dolphin decoys
Deployed co-located underwater seismic sensing arrays
Deployed hydroacoustic tracking systems
Deployed jellyfish-like aquatic turbines
Deployed marine mammal detection sonar
Deployed micro weather sensors
Deployed moored weather station buoys
Deployed radio frequency chaff
Deployed side-scan sonar surveys
Deployed sonar buoys for oceanographic studies
Deployed tethered satellite systems
Deployed tidal barrage energy extraction systems
Deployed tidal power generation systems
Deployed tidal stream energy converters
Deployed tide level measurement sensors
Deployed underwater acoustic navigation systems
Deployed underwater seismic data loggers
Deployed underwater sewage treatment sensors
Deployed wave energy converter buoys
Deployed wave monitoring buoys
Desert mirages
Diffraction in optical systems
Diffuse reflections from large bodies of water
Digital glitches
Digital manipulation in photos/videos
Digital noise
Digital sensor artifacts
Discarded reflective objects on the ground
Disoriented or lost aircraft
Dispersed chemical tracers
Dispersion phenomena in crystals
Displaced airglow by upper atmospheric waves
Distant bonfire smoke
Distant celestial objects
Distant radio tower lights
Distant thunderstorm lightning
Distorted foil balloons
Distorted light emission from photovoltaic cells
Distorted or damaged camera sensors
Distorted radio signals or communication glitches
Distorted reflections in water caused by waves
Drogue-deployed underwater artifacts detection
Drone light shows
Drone shows
Drone swarms for agricultural spraying
Dual-color airplane navigation lights
Dual-frequency signals from ionospheric interactions
Dust devils
Dust particles
Dust storms
Early testing of supersonic aircraft
Earth ionosphere cavity resonances
Earth-based gamma-ray flashes
Earth-ionosphere cavity wave transmission
Earth-ionosphere waveguide eigenmodes
Earth’s plasma radiation belts disturbances
Earthquake lights
Ectoplasmic phenomena caused by paranormal activity
Electric arcs in high-voltage power lines
Electric charge in the air
Electric field effects in thunderstorms
Electric powered parasailing karts
Electric sparks due to wear and tear
Electric surface waves on oceans
Electrical discharges from cloud-to-ground lightning
Electrical discharges in the atmosphere
Electrical disturbances
Electrical failures in planes
Electrical storms
Electro-luminescent displays
Electro-optical sensors’ artifacts
Electrochromic glass reflections
Electrohydraulic wave generation experiments
Electromagnetic interference
Electromagnetic interference from mobile devices or radios
Electromagnetic interference from power lines or devices
Electromagnetic pulses or atmospheric discharges
Electromagnetic radiation from power generating facilities
Electromagnetic radiation from transmission towers or radio stations
Electronic countermeasures used in military exercises
Electronic warfare systems
Electrostatic discharges from power lines
Electrostatic levitation experiments
Emergency flare drops
Emergency flares
Emergency lighting systems in buildings
Emergency vehicle lights
Emissions from factories
Engine or turbine exhaust plumes
Entities from the spirit realm manifesting in physical form
Experimental air pollution control systems
Experimental aircraft
Experimental aircraft or prototypes
Experimental propulsion systems generating unknown visual effects
Extraterrestrial civilizations conducting covert surveillance missions
Extraterrestrial communication tests
Falling foliage or leaves
Falling objects
False color imaging artifacts
False memories
Faraday effect anomalies
Fata Morgana mirages
Fata morgana or superior mirages
Faulty camera equipment
Faulty camera sensors
Faulty circuitry in electronic devices causing light emission
Faulty electrical wiring
Faulty equipment
Faulty GPS tracking devices
Faulty neon sign transformers
Faulty or counterfeit electronic components affecting radar readings
Faulty or malfunctioning aircraft lights
Faulty or malfunctioning radar equipment
Faulty or malfunctioning weather instruments
Faulty or misaligned optical tracking systems
Faulty or misconfigured cameras
Faulty radar equipment
Faulty radar or tracking systems
Faulty telescope optics
Faulty video analysis
Fiber optic gyroscope anomalies
Fiberglass debris
Fire alarm strobe lights
Fire ants reflecting sunlight
Fire control radar
Fire department flares
Fire extinguisher propellant discharge
Fire reflection or smoke plumes interacting with atmospheric conditions.
Fire reflects in water surfaces
Fire suppression systems testing
Fireballs or bolides
Firefighter helmet lights
Firefighters’ training exercises
Firefighting planes or helicopters dropping retardant or water
Firefighting planes or helicopters with bright lights
Fireflies or bioluminescent organisms
Firework smoke trails
Fireworks displays
Fireworks displays at events
Fisheries hydroacoustic surveys
Fixed-wing aircraft
Flashes caused by explosions or fireworks
Flashes from communication towers
Flashes from satellites
Flashing aircraft beacons
Flashing car lights
Flashing warning lights on tall buildings
Flashlights during night hikes
Flickering electronic billboards
Flickering streetlights
Floating debris on water bodies
Floating lanterns released during ceremonies
Flock of bees or other swarming insects
Flocks of birds
Flocks of migrating bats
Fluorescent light malfunctions
Fluorescent lights in industrial buildings
Fluttering plastic sheets
Fluttering satellite panel deployments
Flying animals
Flying toys
Focused solar power systems
Focused sound beam effects
Foggy breath condensation reflecting light
Foggy conditions
Freight train lights
Galaxy cluster spectroscopy artifacts
Gamma-ray burst afterglows
Gamma-ray bursters’ emissions
Gamma-ray detectors’ background noise
Geese in formation
Geological or natural formations (rock formations, ice formations)
Glider flare drops
Glider lights
Gliders or sailplanes
Gliding birds
Gliding sports activities
Glint or reflection from metal surfaces (vehicles, buildings)
Glitter particles in the air
Glow worms
Glowing algae or bioluminescence in bodies of water
Glowing fungi
Glowing marine organisms
Glowing plasma phenomena
GPS anomalies
Gravitational lenses
Gravitational lensing or gravitational wave effects
Gravitational wave detection experiments
Green flashes
Ground metallic objects reflecting light
Ground testing of aircraft
Ground-based aircraft navigation lights
Ground-based drone light shows
Ground-based holographic projections
Ground-based laser communication systems
Ground-based laser experiments or tests
Ground-based laser pointers
Ground-based laser security systems
Ground-based laser shows
Ground-based observatory laser beams
Ground-based telescopes
Group hallucinations or mass hysteria
Guided missiles or projectiles
Guided tour groups with light-emitting devices
Gymnasium LED displays
Haarp antenna arrays
Halo effects around lights
Harbor navigation lights
Heat lightning
Helicopter electronic countermeasure systems
Helicopter landing lights
Helicopter searchlights
Helioseismic waves
Heliospheric imager artifacts
Helium balloon releases
Hereditary optical misperceptions
HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamps anomalies
Hidden celestial objects behind structures
Hidden metallic surfaces reflecting light
High altitude supersonic airships
High-altitude airships
High-altitude balloons
High-altitude chemical releases
High-altitude or stratospheric airship tests
High-altitude or stratospheric balloons
High-altitude research balloons
High-altitude surveillance balloons
High-altitude weather balloons
High-energy neutrino interactions in the atmosphere
High-power military lasers
High-power searchlights
High-speed train lights
Higher-dimensional beings manifesting as unidentified flying objects
Highway flares
Highway LED displays
Historic reenactment illuminations
Hoaxes or pranks
Holographic images projected into the atmosphere
Holographic memory artifacts
Holographic navigation beacons
Holographic projections
Holographic sky projections for entertainment purposes
Holographic weapon systems demonstrations
Human-made space debris interacting with Earth’s atmosphere
Human-made structures
Hydroelectric power plant discharges
Hyperdimensional beings transcending our reality and observing us
Hypnotic mind-control experiments through extraterrestrial implants
Ice crystals
Ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere
Ice crystals or snowflakes
Ice fog
Ice or frost formations on aircraft or spacecraft
Illuminated advertising blimps
Image hoaxes or Photoshop manipulations
Imposter satellites
In-flight advertising
Incandescent light bulbs phenomenon
Increased atmospheric pressure causing distortions or refractions
Industrial smokestack emissions
Inflatable aerial communication masts
Inflatable aerial photography platforms
Inflatable aerospace structures testing
Inflatable disaster response shelters
Inflatable habitat modules for space exploration
Inflatable marine mammal decoys
Inflatable radiation shielding for spacecraft
Inflatable space debris removal satellites
Inflatable structures
Inflatable surveillance platforms
Inflated advertising balloons
Infrared detectors picking up false signals
Infrared flares
Infrared flares or decoys released by military aircraft
Infrared heaters
Infrared heating lamps
Infrared projection illusions
Infrared radiation from natural sources (thermal emissions)
Infrared reflections
Infrared reflections from windows
Infrasound effects
Infrasound waves
Innovations in metamaterials and optics
Insect swarms near light sources
Insect swarms or swarming behavior
Instrument malfunctions on aircraft or spacecraft
Interactions between starlight and exoplanetary atmospheres
Interdimensional beings projecting their energy forms as UFO sightings
Interdimensional portals opening and releasing unidentified objects
Interference from electrical wires
Interferometric modulations from communication satellites
Interferometric synthetic aperture radar imagery
Intergalactic spaceships exploring the Earth
International Space Station (ISS)
International Space Station passes
Interplanetary peacekeeping forces monitoring Earth for potential threats
Interstellar black holes causing distortions in space-time fabric
Interstellar communication experiments manifesting as unidentified lights
Invented propulsion systems experiments
Inverted double stars
Inverted reflections in water
Invisible beings creating holographic UFO sightings
Ion-beam surface treatment lights
Ionized air trails from aircraft leading edges
Ionospheric disturbances
Ionospheric irregularities
Ionospheric satellite reflections
Iridium flares
Jet aircraft
Jet engine exhaust
Karmic energy manifestations and divine intervention events
Keranium gas leak simulations
Kites or remote-controlled airplanes
Laser experiments in physics research
Laser harp performances
Laser holography displays
Laser installations
Laser light shows
Laser pen pointer reflections
Laser pens
Laser pointer pranks
Laser pointers
Laser pointers aimed at the sky
Laser pointers or other light sources
Laser shows
Laser shows at concerts
Laser surveillance systems
Laser-induced plasma channel experiments
Laser-induced plasma channels
Late-stage rocket separation
Launches of large weather balloons
Layered cloud formations creating unusual atmospheric effects
LED billboards
LED traffic signal artifacts
Lens abberations
Lens abnormalities
Lens artifacts
Lens artifacts from scratched lenses
Lens distortions
Lens filter aberrations
Lens flares
Lens scratches
Lenticular clouds
Level crossing lights
Light installations
Light patterns from disco balls
Light pillars
Light pollution
Light pollution (artificial lights)
Light pollution from cities
Light pollution from ships
Light pollution from stadiums
Light pollution from urban areas
Light reflections
Light sails
Light stations
Light-emitting architectural features
Light-emitting billboards
Light-emitting chemical reactions
Light-emitting diode displays
Light-emitting dirigibles
Light-emitting sculptures
Light-emitting vehicles
Lighthouse beams
Lightning ball phenomena
Lightning balls
Lightning or electrical storms
Lightning phenomena
Lightning sprites
Living energy vortexes appearing as UFOs due to intense electromagnetic fields
Living organisms from other planets exploring the Earth’s ecosystems
Localized fog banks
Lost and recovered aircraft
Low Earth orbit reflectors
Low power electromagnetic pulse generators
Low-altitude cloud inversions
Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite deployments
Low-flying or maneuvering military aircraft
Low-level helicopter banner towing
Luminescent organisms
Luminous bacteria in stagnant water
Luminous insects or bioluminescent organisms near water bodies
Luminous paint on bridges reflecting sunlight
Lunar halos
Lunar impact flashes or meteoroid impacts
Magnesium filament flares
Magnetic anomalies
Magnetic disturbances
Magnetic field disruptions or anomalies
Magnetic field disturbances
Magnetic storms
Magnetosphere ionosphere dynamics explorers’ emissions
Man-made thunderstorms for cloud seeding
Marine animal bioluminescence
Marine deployments of flares or decoys
Marine flares
Mariner lights
Mass hallucinations
Metal reflectors on the ground
Meteor showers
Meteorological balloons
Meteorological data buoys
Meteorological instruments (radars, weather devices)
Meteorological phenomena
Meteorological radar anomalies
Meteorological radar data interference
Methane gas emissions or flares
Methyl orange dye releases
Microbursts or downdrafts causing unusual aerodynamic effects
Migration patterns of birds
Migratory birds
Military aircraft
Military aircraft (classified or experimental)
Military cargo aircraft drops
Military chaff releases
Military exercises
Military exercises or training maneuvers
Military flares
Military flares or chaffs
Military flares used for training purposes
Military radar jamming
Military stealth aircraft
Military training exercises
Minuteman missile tests
Mirage effects
Mirage of distant airplanes
Mirage tanks or holographic military vehicles
Mirror reflections
Mirrored sunglasses reflecting light sources
Misaligned or malfunctioning camera equipment
Miscellaneous debris (plastic bags, balloons)
Misidentified aircraft
Misidentified celestial bodies
Misidentified celestial objects due to atmospheric mirages or scintillation
Misinterpretation of photographs or images due to parallax errors
Misinterpretation of radar data
Misleading or manipulated photographs or videos
Mobile broadcast lighting systems
Mobile meteorological mast deployments
Mobility scooter light show formations
Model aircraft
Model aircraft with LEDs
Model rocket launches
Moments of inertia measurements in celestial bodies
Moon dog or halo effects
Moon glows
Moon hoax or conspiracy theories
Moon illusions
Moonlight reflections on clouds
Motion blur in photography
Mountain range silhouettes
Mountain-climbing headlamp reflections
Mountaintop observatories
Movie theater marquee reflections
Multiple exposure photography effects
Muons from cosmic rays
Mylar balloons
Mysterious sounds
Nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics experiments
Naval maneuvers
Naval ship flares
NEO rockets
Neon light tubes
Neon signs
Neutron stars’ X-ray reflections
Night lenses for color blindness corrections
Night sky observatory or telescope light reflections
Night vision distortions
Night vision or infrared camera artifacts
Nighttime cloudless sky glow
Nighttime racing car lights
Nighttime sky projections
Noctilucent clouds
Non-aerial reflections
Non-Hermitian photonics experiments
Nuclear decay detection devices’ emissions
Nuclear or power plant anomalies
Nuclear power plant cooling tower lights
Nuclear reactors’ fluorescence
Nuclear test detonation effects
Occultations by celestial bodies
Office building window reflections
Oil platform flares
Oil platform lights
Oil refinery flare stacks
Optical distortions caused by gravitational lensing of distant galaxies
Optical distortions caused by transparent materials
Optical effects due to windshield scratches
Optical effects from sunglasses
Optical effects of lenses
Optical frequency comb spectroscopy anomalies
Optical illusion caused by changes in focal length or perspective
Optical illusions
Optical illusions caused by clouds
Optical illusions caused by moving objects
Optical illusions created by long-exposure photography techniques
Optical illusions or mirages caused by atmospheric conditions
Optical image transmission experiments
Optical instruments or equipment misalignments
Optical interference or lens flares caused by multiple light sources
Optical lens flares or ghosting
Optical phase conjugation techniques’ artifacts
Optical phased array technology artifacts
Optical phenomena caused by atmospheric pollution
Optical vortex beams
Optics distortion
Optics illusions
Optoelectronic surface diffraction gratings
Orbital angular momentum encoding experiments
Orionids meteor shower
Oscillating LED light displays
Overexposed light trails in photographs
Overexposed photographs
Overlapping aircraft navigation lights
Ozonized water sprays
Paper lanterns
Parachute displays
Parachute flares
Parhelia or sun dogs
Persistent train after meteoroids
Phantom radar contacts
Phenomena caused by human activity (fireworks, pyrotechnics)
Photomultiplier tube anomalies
Photon pair production
Photon-induced tunneling
Photovoltaic kite electricity generators
Piezoelectric backpacks for energy generation
Piezoelectric elevator energy generation
Piezoelectric floor tiles for energy generation
Piezoelectric flooring energy harvesters
Piezoelectric road energy harvesters
Piezoelectric roof tiles for energy harvesting
Piezoelectric self-powered lighting systems
Piezoelectric street lighting systems
Piezoelectric unmanned aerial vehicles
Piezoelectric wind energy converters
Pigeons taking flight together
Pilot misidentifications
Pilot misinterpretations
Piloted aerobatic stunts
Piloted wing-suit formations
Pipeline flame reflections
Plane wingtip vortices
Planetarium projections
Plasma balls
Plasma discharges in thunderstorms
Plasma phenomena
Plasmonic nanostructures
Plastic bags
Plastic bottles reflecting light from the sun
Platform collapses at construction sites
Platform-shown fireworks displays
Pod drogue and parachute systems
Point source light emissions from lightning strikes
Point source light reflections
Polar lights or auroras
Polarized reflections from glacial ice
Police helicopter searchlights
Portable laser light shows
Potential breakthrough propulsion systems’ emissions
Power grid malfunctions
Power line corona discharge
Power line interference or electrical disturbances
Power lines
Power plant emissions
Powerline malfunction sparks
Pranks and hoaxes
Prism effects from glass windows
Prismatic atmospheric scattering
Prismatic optical effects
Private aircraft (recreational or sightseeing)
Project Blue Beam (hoax conspiracy theory)
Project Blue Book misinterpretations
Projected images on clouds
Projected images onto clouds
Projected images or holograms
Projected star displays
Projection technology
Protostar jets
Psychic projections from highly evolved sentient beings on distant worlds
Psychological misperceptions
Pulfrich effect illusions
Pulsating aurora-like discharges
Pulsating laser beams
Pulsating stars
Pulsed jet engine propulsion systems
Pulsing plasma spheres
Pulsing plasma tubes
Quantum computing decoherence events
Quantum computing entanglement experiments
Quantum cryptography key distribution systems’ artifacts
Quantum dot excitations
Quantum encryption communication networks
Quantum entanglement communication artifacts
Quantum entanglement experiments resonating with distant interstellar beings
Quantum information preservation artifacts
Quantum superposition manifestations blurring the boundaries of reality
Quantum teleportation experiments
Radar anomalies or glitches
Radar beam reflection
Radar calibration targets
Radar chaffs
Radar glitches
Radar reflection off birds
Radar-anomalous rain showers
Radio frequency interference
Radio frequency interference from nearby electronics.
Radio interference
Radio interference or signal glitches
Radio or TV tower lights
Radio telescope interference
Radio telescopes or antenna arrays
Radio tower or antenna malfunctions
Radio transmissions
Radio waves interference
Radio-controlled aircraft
Radioactive decay causing faint glows in materials
Radioactive emissions or anomalies
Radioactive gas clouds
Radioactive gas emissions
Radioactive gas releases
Radioactive material transport lights
Radioactive waste disposal
Radiofrequency interference from electronic devices
Rafale aircraft lightning
Rail crossing barrier lights
Railgun projectile tests
Rain or dew droplets
Rainbow-like atmospheric effects
Rapid radio-ionospheric correction signals
Rare atmospheric phenomena
Rare atmospheric phenomena (fogbows, iridescence)
Rare phenomenon caused by atmospheric chemicals
Reef lights
Reentering space debris
Reentry vehicles
Reflected headlights from vehicles on the ground
Reflected light from nearby buildings or structures
Reflected light from solar panels or spacecraft sails
Reflected moonlight on clouds
Reflected sunlight from artificial satellites or space debris
Reflected synthetic aperture radar signals
Reflections from bodies of water
Reflections from cameras and binoculars
Reflections from distant space vehicles or space stations
Reflections from polished surfaces
Reflections in car windows
Reflections on camera lenses
Reflections on water surfaces
Reflections or glare from glass windows or surfaces
Reflective car decals causing illusions
Reflective surfaces
Refraction of light
Refraction or scattering of light caused by atmospheric pollutants or particles
Refractions or distortions caused by optics or lenses
Refractive index fluctuations in the atmosphere
Relay mirror balloons for long-range communication
Remote controlled aircraft
Remote controlled aircraft light shows
Remote controlled blimp formations with LED lights
Remote controlled boat formations with LED lights
Remote controlled electric karts with LED lights
Remote controlled fireworks displays
Remote controlled flapping-wing aircraft
Remote controlled flying cars with LED lights
Remote controlled glider formations with LED lights
Remote controlled ground robots for farming
Remote controlled hybrid airships with LED lights
Remote controlled kayak formations with LED lights
Remote controlled robotic blimps
Remote sensing instruments or equipment
Remote-controlled aircraft with LED lights
Remote-controlled drones
Remote-controlled models
Remote-controlled toys
Reprogrammed LED billboards
Research balloons
Residual energy traces left behind by time travelers using UFO-like crafts
Retinal flashes or floaters
Retroreflector orb satellites
Reusable launch vehicle reentries
Reverberations in water
Reverse image reflections
Road construction lights
Roadside emergency signal flares
Roadside emergency signals
Roadway reflectors
Rocket boosters or fairings
Rocket boosters or upper stages
Rocket launches
Rocket launches or test flights
Rocket navigation lights
Rocket propellant exhaust or condensation trails
Rocket testing
Rotating warning beacons
Rotor kite systems
Rotorcraft lights
Runway lights misinterpretations
Salt particles floating in the atmosphere
Sand or dust storms
Sandstorm visibility reductions
Satellite antennae tracking lights
Satellite antennas or communication arrays
Satellite communication disruptions
Satellite communication interference
Satellite debris reentry
Satellite docking maneuvers
Satellite flare-ups
Satellite flares
Satellite flares or reflections
Satellite flares reflected in windows
Satellite internet constellation trails
Satellite reentries
Satellite reentry burn
Satellite remote sensing data artifacts
Satellite thermal insulation flaking
Satellite tracking systems or radar stations
Scintillating light bulbs
Scintillating scotomas
Scintillation caused by atmospheric turbulence
Seagulls or other birds in flight
Search and rescue flares
Search and rescue operations
Searchlight reflections on clouds
Searchlights or laser light shows
Searchlights used in entertainment events
Searchlights used in promotional events
Secret aircraft testing facilities
Secret government programs involving reverse-engineered alien technology
Secret government projects
Secret government tests
Secret military aircraft
Secret military or intelligence missions
Secret military testing
Secret scientific experiments
Seismic activity or ground disturbances
Self-illuminating exit signs
Self-illuminating textiles
Semaphore towers
Shadow play caused by moving objects
Shape-shifting alien creatures disguising themselves as UFOs
Shimmering atmospheric layers
Shiny debris
Shooting range smoke grenades
Shooting range targets
Shooting range tracer rounds
Shooting star reflections in windows
Shooting stars
Shooting stars in daylight
Shooting stars or meteor showers
Simulator training lights
Single-photon detectors’ false positives
Sketched or modeled UFO sightings
Sky art installations
Sky beacons or warning lights on tall structures
Sky lanterns
Sky mapping surveys
Sky reflections
Sky stereo photos taken from different angles
Sky survey missions or satellite observations
Sky surveys for scientific research
Skydiver formations with pyrotechnics
Skydiver smoke trails
Skydivers or paragliders
Skydiving displays
Skydiving formations
Skydiving formations with LED lights
Skydiving smoke trails
Skyscrapers or tall buildings visible in the sky
Skyward reflections
Skywriting or banner towing planes
Skywriting planes
Smart city streetlamp glitches
Smoke from industrial chimneys
Smokestack decrease emissions tests
Smokestack emissions
Snapchat filters
Software glitches
Solar balloons
Solar birefringence
Solar column reflections
Solar coronal mass ejections
Solar eclipse effects
Solar eclipse phenomena
Solar filament eruptions
Solar flare reflections
Solar flares
Solar flares or coronal mass ejections
Solar flares’ radio emissions
Solar haloes
Solar halos
Solar halos or sunspots
Solar nuclear fusion reactions
Solar or lunar eclipses
Solar or lunar halos caused by ice crystals or dust in the atmosphere
Solar or lunar mirages caused by temperature variations in the atmosphere
Solar panel reflections
Solar panels reflections
Solar phenomena
Solar photothermoelectric power shades
Solar plasma loops
Solar plasma loops erupting into space
Solar power plant reflections
Solar prominences
Solar radiation balloons
Solar reflections
Solar reflections from satellites or space stations
Solar sail experiments
Solar sails experiments
Solar silicon nanowires’ reflections
Solar thermonuclear fusion rays
Solar tornadoes
Solar transient phenomena
Solar wind particles
Solar-powered aircraft
Solar-powered lighting systems
Sonic booms
Soot particles in the air
Space debris
Space debris (satellite parts)
Space debris collisions
Space junk
Space junk reentries
Space probes
Space Shuttle or spacecraft reentries
Space shuttle reentries
Space-based inflatable structures
Spacecraft rendezvous or docking maneuvers
Spaced-based telescopes
SpaceX rocket launches
Special effects in movies or TV shows
Spectral reflections
Spectroscopic analysis artifacts
Spectroscopy wavelength artifacts
Spinning advertising displays
Spirit orbs materializing into UFO-like objects for brief moments
Sports events
Spotlights during events
Spotter planes monitoring wildfires or forest fires
Spy satellites
Stabilized video artifacts
Stadium floodlights
Staged events
Staged photography tricks
Stained glass window reflections
Stargazing laser pointers
Staring at bright objects causing temporary blindness
Starlink satellite constellations
Starlink satellite trains
Stars hidden by clouds
Stealth aircraft
Stealth balloons
Steam plume emissions from power plants
Steam releases from industrial plants
Steerable meteorological balloons
Stellar aberration effects
Stellar occultations
Stratified atmospheric airglow
Stratified atmospheric diffraction
Stratified atmospheric scattering experiments
Stratosphere balloon experiments
Stratospheric audio communications experiments
Stratospheric chemistry experiments
Stratospheric cloud seeding experiments
Stratospheric gravity wave detection experiments
Stratospheric ion composition measurements
Stratospheric neutrons detection experiments
Stratospheric radar reflections
Stratospheric research balloons
Stratospheric tissue culture experiments
Stray radio signals
Streaking meteors
Streaks caused by small meteoroids burning up in the atmosphere
Streamers from volcanoes
Streetlamp bulb failures causing intermittent flickering
Streetlamp gremlins causing erratic behavior
Streetlamp head replacements resulting in different light patterns
Streetlamp malfunctions
Streetlights or other artificial lights seen from a distance
Streetlights reflecting on windows
Strobe light effects
Strobe lights
Strobe lights on tall buildings
Strobe lights on tall structures
Strobing or flashing lights on buildings or towers
Strontium aluminate powders used in art installations
Stunt aircraft
Stunt aircraft maneuvers
Stunt planes
Subatomic particle electromagnetic emissions
Submarine light signals
Submarine periscopes
Submarine periscopes or snorkels
Submarine surface releases
Submarine-launched missiles
Suborbital rocket launches or test flights
Subsurface reflection or diffraction of sonar waves
Sun dogs
Sun glint on water surfaces
Sundogs or halos
Sunlight refraction through glass structures
Sunset reflections on high-rise buildings
Superluminal effects in photonic crystals
Supermoon appearances
Supernatural visits from beings not of this world
Surface waves or tsunamis causing atmospheric disturbances
Surveillance aircraft
Survey balloons
Swamp gas
Swarm of insects
Tall building lights
Teleportation experiments gone awry
Television broadcasts
Television screen reflections in windows
Television tower lights
Temperature inversions
Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes
Tethered balloons
Tethered objects
Tethered objects in the atmosphere
The Zirconium problem
Thermal inversions
Thermal inversions or heat mirages
Thermoelectric energy harvesting experiments
Thin cloud layers
Thundercloud lightning
Thunderhead clouds
Tidal bore light reflections
Time slips and distortions causing encounters with future versions of ourselves
Time travelers (subject to skepticism)
Time travelers and their unusual devices
Time-bending phenomena allowing glimpses of future technology
Time-lapse photography artifacts
Time-lapse photography artifacts due to long exposures
Time-release photography artifacts
Time-reversed wave packets
Timecode LED readouts
Topological insulators and their optical properties
Town lights reflecting on low clouds
Transcendent beings visiting to guide humanity through world-changing events
Transient lunar phenomena (unexplained lunar observations)
Tremendous reflection off glass surfaces
Tropospheric ducting
Tropospheric ducting effects
Turboprop aircraft with rotating beacon lights
Ultrasonic communication experiments
Underwater archaeological surveys
Underwater disturbances causing bubbles or light refractions
Underwater magnetic field measurements
Underwater mining operations
Underwater torpedo propulsion experiments
Underwater unmanned surface vehicles
Underwater wireless communication tests
Underwater wireless power transfer
Undocumented celestial events
Unique atmospheric chemistry
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)
Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs)
Unsynchronized traffic lights
Unusual air traffic controller communications
Unusual atmospheric diffraction patterns
Unusual atmospheric pressures
Unusual atmospheric refraction
Unusual celestial events or configurations (rare alignments, conjunctions)
UV light reflections
V-shaped formations of birds
Vehicle brake lights
Vehicle headlights
Vehicular light-emitting advertisements
Venus or Jupiter conjunction
Venus or other bright planets
Vertical-axis wind turbine blade balancing
Very low frequency (VLF) antenna discharges
Video compression artifacts
Viral marketing campaigns
Visible or infrared emissions from power plants or industrial sites
Visitors from parallel dimensions demonstrating advanced technology
Volcanic activity or eruptions
Volcanic ash clouds
Volcanic eruptions and ash clouds
Volcanic lightning or volcanic plumes
Vortices from jet engines
Wakes from ships
Wakes or trails from boats or ships
Water dew on surfaces reflecting light
Water droplets
Weather balloons
Weather modification experiments
Weather modification techniques
Weather radar anomalies
Weather radar echoes
Weather station anomalies
Wind turbine blade reflections
Wind turbine blade vibration control systems
Wind turbine lights
Wind turbines
Wind turbulence effects on light
Wind-blown debris
Windblown debris
Windborne debris from construction sites
Windshield reflections causing optical illusions
Winter fog light refractions
Wire insulator flashover
Wireless power transfer experiments
Wireless power transmission experiments
Wireless power transmission via atmospheric plasma
Wireless power transmission via electromagnetic induction
Wireless power transmission via RF resonant coupling
Wireless powered underwater vehicles
Wireless underwater charging hubs
Wireless underwater sensor networks
Wireless underwater vehicle charging
Wormholes opening and allowing intergalactic travelers to pass through
X-ray transient sources
Yacht navigation lights

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