520 Things Not Done for Lack of Political Will

Here is an interesting list (generated November 2023) of 520 things (with some overlaps) which an artifical intelligence “thinks” we humans might do to prevent our extinction, but which we are not doing currently due to lack of political will. You can see with a quick scan that it is mostly the highlights of differences in what different human groups think all humans should prioritize.

This is still somewhat early in the game for AI and it is an exciting time. For example, completely missing from this list is asteroid collision protection, avoiding destruction by solar flares, and other wildcards which could make every other thing on this list completely irrelevant.

Unless you are a computer programmer or a data analyst, you will take one look at this long list and run away, but AI excels at eating data and finding useful patterns quickly, if we know how to use it. What we humans might do with lists like this is try to get at why each one of these things might be essential to prevent the extinction of our species.

Ultimately, we hope to be able to generate and enact a comprehensive interlocking plan to make small and mutually supporting changes across all of these areas that will result in our over all species survival potential score getting out of the red and into the green for the next few hundred years. This is important to do, once you have become convinced that the reality of our situation on this planet shows that despiate our now numbering in the billions, that within a single lifetime, given the right disaster or series of them, all humans could be gone.

520 Things Humans Should Be, But Are Not Doing (Enough)

accessibility: enhance
addiction: treat
aging populations: support
air pollution: control
air pollution: develop reduction strategies
air pollution: mitigate
air pollution: reduce
air quality: improve
animal agriculture: promote sustainable humane practices
animal cruelty laws: strengthen
animal cruelty penalties: enforce stricter
animal cruelty: combat and prevent
animal cruelty: prevent
animal extinction: prevent
animal rights: advocate for ethical treatment
animal rights: protect
animal testing: ban
animal testing: reduce and eventually eliminate
animal welfare campaigns: enact
animal welfare: protect creatures from cruelty
animal welfare: strengthen regulations and protections
anti-corruption measures: implement
anti-corruption measures: strengthen institutions
anti-discrimination laws: pass
anti-discrimination measures: ensure equality for all
anti-poaching efforts: combat illegal wildlife trade
anti-poverty policies: enact
anti-tobacco campaigns: develop
antibiotic resistance: combat and educate
antibiotic resistance: prevent
archaeological sites: protect
architecture design: make sustainable
arms trade: enforce stricter regulations on
artificial intelligence: govern
artistic expression: protect
arts and culture programs: fund
big tech companies, strengthen regulations on to protect user privacy.
biodiversity conservation efforts
biodiversity conservation: prioritize protection
biodiversity: preserve
birth rate: control
business practices: promote responsible and ethical
captured agencies: liberate
carbon capture technologies: support deployment of
carbon emissions: reduce
censorship: abolish
charitable donations: support those in need
chemical pesticides: reduce reliance on
child abuse: prevent
child abuse: respond to
child exploitation: abolish
child labor in the agriculture industry: eliminate
child labor: eliminate
child labor: eradicate
child marriage and promote girls’ education: measures to address
child marriage: abolish
child marriage: eradicate
child poverty: alleviate
child protection: enact
child welfare: safeguard rights
childcare for working parents: ensure
childcare: expand
childcare: generate affordable solutions
childhood obesity: combat
clean and efficient transportation systems.
clean and sustainable energy storage technologies.
clean energy transition
clean energy: promote renewable sources
clean water and sanitation globally
clean water: provide access
climate adaptation: prepare for changing conditions
climate change crisis: share data
climate change: adapt
climate change: implement stricter environmental regulations to combat
climate change: mitigate
climate change: mitigate effects
climate resilience: enact community-led initiatives for
climate resilience: plan
clothing and textile industries: make sustainable
combating corruption in government and institutions: enforce transparency and accountability measures
communication technologies: improve biological safety of
communication technologies: promote safe
community garden initiatives: enact
conflict prevention: foster peaceful coexistence
conflict resolution initiatives: develop
conflict resolution: promote peaceful solutions
conflict transformation: seek peaceful resolutions
construction materials: make sustainable
consumption: promote responsible
contraception: increase
cooperation: promote
coral reefs: protect
coral reefs: rebuild
corporal punishment: abolish
corporate greed: regulate
corruption at all levels: combat
corruption: eradicate
criminal justice: fund
criminal justice: reform
criminality: reduce
cultural heritage: preserve
cultural preservation: celebrate diversity
cultural preservation: promote and protect
cyber warfare: prevent
cyberbullying and online harassment: implement effective measures to address
cybercrime: prevent
cybersecurity threats: increase awareness
cybersecurity: enhance protection and education
cybersecurity: protect
cybersecurity: strengthen
cyclops: de-stigmatize
death rate: stabilize
debt: manage
deficit: reduce
deforestation: halt
deforestation: prevent
deinstitutionalization of people with mental illnesses: prioritize community-based care
democracy: promote inclusive governance
democracy: promote inclusivity
democracy: strengthen
dictatorship: prevent
digital divide: bridge
digital divide: provide equal access to technology and internet resources
digital literacy: improve
disability inclusion: advocate
disability rights: protect and promote
disability-inclusive infrastructure: promote and develop
disability: accommodate
disarmament: promote
disaster management: promote and strategize
disaster preparedness measures: enact, test, improve
disaster preparedness: enhance resilience
disaster response: provide timely assistance
discrimination against people with disabilities: eliminate
discrimination based on immigration status: eradicate
discrimination based on religion: eradicate
discrimination: eliminate
discrimination: eradicate
disease: cure
domestic violence: eradicate
domestic violence: prevent and support survivors
drinking water: universal access to clean and safe
drought: alleviate
drug abuse: prevent
drug addiction: prevent
early childhood education: invest in for optimal development
early childhood education: make affordable and quality
economic development: foster inclusive growth
economic inequality: address systematic disparities
economic instability: stabilize
economic recovery plans: develop and enact
ecosystems and biodiversity: protect
education for all: ensure learning opportunities
education for refugees and displaced populations: ensure
education funding disparities: address
education system: overhaul
education: ensure universal access to quality primary
education: improve access to worldwide
education: improve quality
education: increase access
education: make accessible, eliminate barriers
education: provide
education: universalize
elderly care: ensure quality support
elderly care: improve
elderly care: support
elderly support: ensure well-being
electronics industry: prevent unethical practices in
empathy: foster compassionate actions
empowering women in leadership roles: promote and support
empowerment of marginalized communities: promote inclusivity
empowerment of persons with disabilities: promote inclusivity
empowerment of women: promote equal rights
empowerment of youth: support future leaders
endangered species: protect
ending child labor: ensure proper childhood
energy consumption: reduce
energy production: make efficient, cleaner and more
energy waste: minimize
environment: protect
environmental conservation: enact effective
environmental conservation: protect natural habitats
environmental sustainability: protect the planet
equal opportunities: ensure fairness
essential public services: fund
ethical supply chains: enact
extreme weather: prepare for
fair trade initiatives: enact
fair trade: promote and support
fake news: combat
famine: prevent
farming practices: make efficient
farming practices: make sustainable
farming practices: make sustainable, promote and support
fashion and apparel: make sustainable
fashion industry: prevent exploitation in
fishing industry: prevent unethical practices in the .
fishing practices: sustainable
food distribution: improve
food globally: provide affordable and nutritious
food insecurity challenges: mitigate
food insecurity: eliminate
food security: ensure
food security: ensure availability
food waste reduction campaigns: develop
food waste: reduce
food: access to nutritious,ensure for all
forest conservation: preserve natural ecosystems
forests: protect globally
fossil fuel dependence: reduce
fossil fuels: reduce dependence on
freedom of speech: guarantee individual rights
freshwater ecosystems: protect
freshwater ecosystems: rebuild
gender empowerment: promote equal opportunities
gender equality campaigns: develop
gender equality in the workplace: promote fairness
gender equality: promote
gender equity: promote equal opportunities
gender inequality: eliminate
gender parity: promote
gender pay gap: address
gender-based violence: eradicate
genetic manipulation: regulate
genocide: prevent
global challenges: address
green space: preserve
green spaces: prioritize
gun control legislation: enforce existing
gun violence: prevent
health care: improve access
healthcare in remote areas: ensure
healthcare services: provide access
healthcare: ensure access for all
healthcare: improve
healthcare: make accessible
healthcare: make affordable
healthcare: make treatment accessible
healthcare: reform to ensure universal access
high-speed internet: make biologically safe (eg fiberoptics)
high-speed internet: universal access to
higher education: make affordable and quality
homelessness: eradicate
homelessness: prevent
household waste: minimize
housing: address shortage
housing: increase availability
housing: make accessible, provide affordable options
housing: make affordable
housing: provide affordable
human rights: promote globally.
human rights: protect
human rights: respect
human rights: uphold universally
human trafficking prevention: combat exploitation
human trafficking: combat
human trafficking: eliminate
human trafficking: eradicate
human trafficking: prevent
humanitarian aid: provide assistance promptly
humanitarian relief: provide immediate aid
humanitarian support: aid in crisis situations
hunger: eradicate
illegal wildlife trade, strengthen measures to combat
immigration policies: implementing fair and just
immigration policies: reform
immigration policy: enforce
income equality for marginalized communities: achieve
income equality for women: promote and achieve
income inequality gap: reduce
income inequality: reduce
income: address inequality
indigenous cultural recognition: increase
indigenous land rights recognition: increase
indigenous land: protect
indigenous language preservation and revitalization: support
indigenous rights activism: promote
indigenous rights and cultures: support and protect
indigenous rights: protect and promote
indigenous rights: respect ancestral lands
individuals with disabilities: support
inequality: address
infrastructure development: plan
infrastructure: invest in sustainable
initiatives on responsible and sustainable tourism.
innovation: foster sustainable solutions
institutional racism: address and dismantle
international cooperation to address global issues.
international cooperation: strengthen
internet access: bridge digital divide
internet privacy protection
internet: access to biologically safe, affordable and reliable
invasive species: control
investments in sustainable infrastructure: promote
justice: ensure fairness
knowledge: disseminate
labor rights and protections, strengthen
land conservation: protect natural resources
land rights for indigenous communities: protect and promote
lgbtq+ rights: advocacy
lgbtq+ rights: advocate for inclusivity
lgbtq+ rights: promote
lgbtq+ rights: protect
lgbtq+ rights: recognize
lgbtq+ youth: understand adult influence
marine life: protect
medical services: improve
medication: make affordable
mental health awareness
mental health awareness: promote understanding
mental health education and support systems.
mental health education: support, destigmatize, fund
mental health legislation: enact
mental health resources: expand
mental health services and support, allocate resources for
mental health stigma: reduce and educate
mental health support in workplaces
mental health support: prioritize well-being
mental health, education and programs on
mental health: prioritize
mental health: prioritize support
mental healthcare: ensure for all
mental illness: destigmatize
migrant rights: protect
mining industry: prevent unethical practices in
music education initiatives: enact
nasa: overhaul and reform
nasa: support
natural disasters: prevent
natural habitats: protect
natural resources: protect
natural wonders and landscapes: protect
neglected tropical diseases: increase investment in research and treatment for
noise pollution: reduce
nuclear accidents: prevent
nuclear disarmament efforts
nuclear disarmament: prioritize global security
nuclear disarmament: promote
nuclear energy safety regulations
nuclear energy: advance
nuclear proliferation: prevent
nuclear waste disposal safety
nuclear weapons: eliminate
ocean conservation initiatives
ocean conservation: protect marine ecosystems
ocean pollution: prevent and clean up
ocean pollution: reduce
online bullying: prevent
online harassment prevention
online privacy, strengthen and protect
overpopulation: enact family planning
overpopulation: manage
palm oil industry: prevent unethical practices in the
pandemics: prepare for
peace and conflict resolution: promote and support
peace globally: promote
peace: foster
peacebuilding: engage in conflict resolution
pharmaceutical companies: strengthen regulations on
pharmaceutical industry, strengthen regulations and monitoring systems for the
plastic pollution: reduce
plastic waste: reduce
plastic waste: reduce and recycle
poaching: deter
police brutality: prevent
police reform: enact
political corruption: combat and prevent
political corruption: eliminate
political instability: prevent
pollution: reduce
poverty alleviation: implement effective strategies
poverty eradication: break the cycle
poverty eradication: tackle systemic causes
poverty in rural areas: alleviate
poverty in urban areas: alleviate
poverty reduction: implement effective measures
poverty: alleviate by programs
poverty: eliminate
poverty: eradicate by strategies
poverty: eradicate completely
poverty: mitigate
preservation of cultural heritage: safeguard traditions
preservation of indigenous cultures: protect heritage
privacy rights: enforce
privacy: protect
production patterns: promote responsible
promoting and supporting alternative energy sources: innovate and invest
protecting and restoring biodiversity in ecosystems: prioritize preservation efforts
protection of natural resources: preserve and sustain
public health initiatives: develop
public health: protect
public safety: enhance community protection
public spaces: ensure equal access
public spaces: make accessible
public transportation: expand
public transportation: fund
public transportation: modernize
public transportation: prioritize
quality healthcare: prioritize affordable options
quality housing: provide for all
racial discrimination: eliminate
racial equality: fight against systemic racism
racial equality: promote
racial inequality: eradicate
racial justice issues: address
recreational drugs: decriminalize
reforestation efforts: promote global
refugee and asylum policies: enact
refugee crisis: address and support
refugee integration and resettlement: improve support systems
refugee integration support
refugee protection: ensure safe haven
refugee resettlement: offer a safe haven
refugee rights: protect
regulatory capture: prevent
religious conflicts: promote interfaith dialogue and tolerance to reduce .
renewable agriculture practices: promote
renewable and sustainable construction: promote and adopt
renewable and sustainable energy sources: enhance
renewable energy incentives: develop
renewable energy sources: invest in
renewable energy: adopt
renewable energy: prioritize development
renewable energy: promote use and development
renewable energy: research
renewable resources: prioritize sustainable alternatives
renewable transportation: promote
reproductive health rights: protect
research and expose the roots of all discrimination.
research: foster
residency: provide pathways to for immigrants
resource depletion: control
responsible consumption: promote and educate
rural and remote area infrastructure: improve
sanitation: ensure proper facilities
sanitation: improve globally
sanitation: increase access to proper
sanitation: make accessible
scientific public health issues, allocate more funding for
scientific research and development: increase funding for
sex education: promote
sex trafficking: eliminate
social entrepreneurship to address social and environmental challenges.
social entrepreneurship: empower changemakers
social inclusion: eliminate exclusionary practices
social injustice: address
social integration: promote inclusiveness
social justice: pursue equitable outcomes
social welfare systems: overhaul
soil quality: conserve
space debris: minimize
space debris: mitigate
space exploration: advance
space exploration: invest in
space exploration: regulate
stronger gun control: enact and enforce
substance abuse: prevent and treat
substance addiction: provide effective treatment and support
suicide: prevent
sustainable agriculture practices: enact
sustainable agriculture: promote practices
sustainable consumption: promote eco-friendly choices
sustainable development: prioritize long-term solutions
sustainable infrastructure: prioritize green solutions
sustainable materials: allocate resources for research and development in
sustainable packaging materials: develop
sustainable renewable materials: support and fund
sustainable urbanization: prioritize eco-friendly development
sustainable waste management systems: implement
technology access: bridge digital divide
technology regulation: overhaul
technology: advance
technology: promote innovation and affordable access to
terrorism: eradicate
tourism: make sustainable
tourism: make sustainable, promote and support
tourism: promote sustainable and ethical
transnational organized crime: strengthen international cooperation to combat
transparency and accountability in government: enhance
transparency in governance:promote
transportation systems: invest in sustainable
transportation: access to affordable, ensure for all
transportation: improve infrastructure
transportation: make accessible
transportation: make sustainable
unemployment: decrease
unity and collective action: promote
universal basic income: implement
universal education: ensure learning opportunities
universal healthcare coverage: implement
universal healthcare: ensure medical access for all
universal healthcare: implement
urban development: make sustainable
violence against women: end
violence: end
violence: eradicate
violence: investigations to reduce
voting rights: protect
vulnerable populations: support
war: end
waste management: foster responsible practices
waste management: improve and promote recycling
waste management: make sustainable and efficient
waste: sustainable reduction strategies.
water management: make sustainable
water pollution: prevent
water scarcity: address and manage
water scarcity: alleviate
water scarcity: reduce
water usage: promote efficient
water: increase access to clean
wetlands: regenerate and protect
wilderness: preserve
wildfires: prevent
wildlife conservation programs: enact
wildlife preservation: combat endangerment
wildlife trafficking: combat
women’s empowerment: promote
women’s rights: protect
workplace discrimination: prevent
youth empowerment programs: enact
youth empowerment: promote and support
youth empowerment: support future leaders
youth mentorship programs
youth unemployment: address and reduce
zero waste initiatives: promote


These issues highlight the need for increased political will and commitment from governments and communities to address pressing global and national challenges.


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