Simple Salt Activated Face Mask Kills Virus

There are many things you can do during this virus pandemic and this is one more. We think it could save lives, so help us help the brave doctors and nurses who are responding to this crisis. Please pass this idea on to someone who can validate it and then get this into use by our medical professionals if it works as research suggests. Does simple salt kill SARS-CoV-2? Research on flu viruses suggests it does when embedded on fiber face masks.

To turn your ordinary mask in to a super mask, do this to create an activated salt mask: 1) Add salt to water and stir until no more will dissolve. You only need enough water to cover your mask. 2) Cover your mask in this solution for 5 minutes. 3) Completely air dry your mask. That’s it. You now have a virus-killing super mask. If you have no mask, try to buy one on line. If you can’t get one, see the DYI mask section below. For why salt most likely works, read on…

Ordinary N95 face masks may reduce the number of viruses you breathe in, and they keep you from touching your nose and mouth directly, but they don’t deactivate or stop the virus. This Covid-19 virus is about 125nm, smaller than the 300nm holes in those masks. A dried salt soaked mask does deactivate virus in published research with influenza virus.

This video shows how to make your own salt activated mask. A reader pointed out that a fully soaked mask would be too stiff to wear. Tests coming up…

How Does it Work?

The molecular structure of salt is crystalline and its hard, sharp corners pierce viruses, rendering them unviable, says Hyo-Jick Choi, a biomedical engineer and professor at the University of Alberta in Canada.

His team has been testing salt-coated face masks in a laboratory for the past few years. They found that they can inactivate three strains of the influenza virus.

The team published those initial findings in the journal Scientific Reports in 2017.

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Similar research, another confirmation:

“The salt coating on the fiber surface dissolves upon exposure to virus aerosols and recrystallizes during drying, destroying the pathogens. When tested with tightly sealed sides, salt-coated filters showed remarkably higher filtration efficiency than conventional mask filtration layer, and 100% survival rate was observed in mice infected with virus penetrated through salt-coated filters. Viruses captured on salt-coated filters exhibited rapid infectivity loss compared to gradual decrease on bare filters.”

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This seems like one of the most promising ideas we have seen.

There are physical differences between virus types. Here are two electron microscope images. One is influenza virus, the other, a coronavirus.

Most coronaviruses, including as SARS and MERS, look similar outside, having a bump-covered spherical appearance. Here is an electron microscope image of the Covid-19 causing coronavirus from Science Alert:

This is from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) Rocky Mountains Laboratories (RML).

The study published in Nature looked at influenza virus. Has dried salt been tested against coronavirus? It does not look to True Strange News like physical differences would protect the covid19 virus from dried salt crystals.

If anything, influenza virus look to be even more protected than the Covid-19 causing coronavirus.

The quick simple dried salt test should be done right away by any lab with a sample of the covid-19 virus and an electron microscope.

Please share. At this time this idea seems worthy of worldwide attention, but if there is any legitimate reason it is not as great as it seems, we will update this post.



What if you have no mask and can’t get one? Here are some options and what size particle they may stop from The SARS-CoV-2 virus is reportedly about 125 nm in size, which is 0.012 nm, smaller than the 0.02 micron particle test below, but this gives you a useful idea about how effective different common materials can be.

Will more layers help? This was tested and it does, but only significantly for some materials. In the tests done, a double dish towel was as effective as a double surgical mask.

Good to know, but you also need to be able to breathe comfortably through your mask. The double dish towel was too difficult in tests, so here is one more chart showing with air flow which may influence your decision.

Add the salt activation to any of these and we believe you will increase your odds against virus even more, all without buying a mask.

The best strategy is to avoid contact with the virus, wash your hands frequently and correctly with soapy water, don’t touch your face, and sanitize surfaces. See more here: what kill the virus?

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