Passengers Cheer as Mother Gives Birth on Packed Commuter Train

A woman gave birth to a premature baby on a high-speed train traveling from Rome to Turin in Italy. The birth was assisted by a health worker who was also a passenger on the train, and a midwife who guided the delivery through a video call. The train manager diverted the train towards the closest station, Arquata Scrivia, upon learning about the woman’s labor. The passengers on the train cheered when the baby, named Anna, was born after a 40-minute labor. After the birth, the mother and the baby were taken to Hospital San Giacomo in Novi Ligure. The train, which was briefly transformed into a delivery room, continued its journey and arrived in Turin 30 minutes late[4].

I don’t remember where I was born. I was very young at the time… but I do wonder if the environment of our birth shapes our future in some way.



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