Current Top Survival Risks for the Human Species

The collective impotent might of humanity exloded on a 66.6 kilometer planet killing asteroid.
It was a strange way to go, but humanity had voted and so it was done. As the unstoppable 66.6 kilometer earth killing asteroid hit the planet, every guided missile and nuclear bomb on earth hit the damn thing, a fully International effort. It was horribly beautiful, beautifully horrible. – The Last Hoorah, c2032 by Xeno Pictures


1. Climate Change: The increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and loss of biodiversity pose a significant threat to human survival. It can lead to resource scarcity, water and food shortages, and increased vulnerability to natural disasters.

2. Pandemics: Recent pandemics like COVID-19 have highlighted the potential devastating impact of global outbreaks. Highly contagious and deadly viruses can spread rapidly, overwhelm healthcare systems, and cause mass fatalities.

3. Nuclear War: The existence of nuclear weapons poses a constant threat to humanity. The intentional or accidental use of these weapons could have catastrophic consequences, including mass destruction, radiation poisoning, and long-term environmental damage.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Risks: As AI technology advances, there is a concern about its potential risks. Uncontrolled or poorly regulated AI systems could lead to job displacement, economic inequality, loss of privacy, and even the development of autonomous weapons systems.

5. Overpopulation and Resource Depletion: As the world’s population continues to grow, the demand for resources such as food, water, and energy increases. Overconsumption and inadequate resource management can lead to scarcity and conflicts over limited resources.

6. Bioterrorism: The deliberate release of biological agents, such as engineered viruses or toxins, could result in widespread illness and death. Bioterrorism poses a unique challenge as it can be difficult to detect and mitigate the spread of biological agents.

7. Asteroid Impact: Although relatively rare, a large asteroid impact could have catastrophic effects on the planet and threaten human survival. It could trigger widespread fires, tsunamis, and climate disruption, leading to a global environmental crisis.

8. Cyber Threats: Our increasing reliance on interconnected technology makes us vulnerable to cyberattacks. A large-scale cyberattack could disrupt critical infrastructure, including power grids, communication networks, and financial systems, impacting the functioning of societies.

9. Political Instability and Conflict: Persisting political instability, civil wars, and regional conflicts pose risks to human survival. They can displace populations, disrupt economies, and hinder international cooperation in the face of global challenges.

10. Environmental Degradation: Deforestation, pollution, loss of biodiversity, and ecosystem collapse threaten the Earth’s ability to support human life. The degradation of ecosystems and natural resources can have cascading effects on agriculture, clean water availability, and overall environmental health.

Note: The ranking of these risks may vary depending on the region and time frame considered. Additionally, there may be other potential risks not mentioned here.

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